Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wide Open Floor

Here's the info for Wide Open Floor, which jumps off this Friday night.

Wide Open Floor
FRI, May 6 and each First Friday forever!

The Official Line Up:

9pm Tim Hinck
9:10 ChattState Dancers
9:20 Zalendria Wright
9:30 Christian Collier
9:40 Krysten Pound
9:50 Kyle Dagnan
10pm Jessica Jack Wyrick
10:10 Laurie Perry Vaughen
10:20 Amanda Plecas
10:30 Ann Law
10:40 Marcus Patrick Ellsworth
10:50 Lauryn Elise
11pm Angela Sweet
11:10 Bob Dombrowski
11:20 Lauren Anastasia Holmes
11:30 Tobiah Tillman
11:40 Tadd Harlin
11:50 Jessica Murray (we will all move outside to the fire pit)

From 9pm-midnight, this Friday, May 6, (and each first Friday of the month thereafter), an amazing array of raw talent will be presented at Barking Legs. We have dancers, poets, musicians, professionals, students, seasoned performers, and those stepping out relatively unaccustomed to the stage. Expect surprises. Expect to be challenged. Expect to see acts that you love, as well as those that may uncomfortably stretch your perspective. Expect a nurturing and supportive environment of sharing ideas and expressions. We are Wide Open to it all. The cost is a mere $5 at the door (cash preferred, please). Thank you!

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