Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Service!

Hey, everybody. We finished the Aretha Franklin tribute show a few hours ago, and I’m still jazzed up about it. I had the opportunity to play guitar on Chain of Fools, Respect, and Think. Also, I debuted a new poem that (for the time being) I’m calling Soul. I’m almost certain that that title will change in the near future though.

Anyway, I must say that I’ve enjoyed the weekend. MANIFEST on Friday was big fun. The slam went well, and I had a good time introducing the slam and slam etiquette to our first-timers and the crowd. Brother Marcus Ellsworth took first place with Jayce Stock coming in a very close second. So close, in fact, that only a point separated them. Talk about tight competition.

The slam went so well that I’ve decided to do another one over the summer. Right now, we’re looking at July, so keep it in mind if you’re interested in coming out or participating.

Well kids, I’m exhausted and in need of a shower, so I’m going to bounce! There will be more from this past week to come tomorrow. In the meantime, be easy!


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