Monday, May 2, 2011

Touching Base in May

Man, I don’t really know what to say after last week. I was without power, radio, TV, and internet for four days after the tornados hit last Wednesday. It made me utilize a number of resourceful opportunities to charge my phone, which became my only communication lifeline during that stretch.

On Thursday, I got asked by Butch Ross (via text) to play in Loopstock 3. We played the gig on Friday night, but earlier, I ventured out to the Camp House, set up my equipment, and rehearsed with headphones plugged into my amp. The things you do when you’re without power.

Friday night, we played the show with Kevin Kalimbaman Spears from Atlanta. That man is an absolute beast. I enjoyed watching him play as much as I enjoyed kicking out my own tunes.

When I finally got power back yesterday, I checked my e-mail, and one of the first things I read was a message from Mongo, who runs Indiefeed. If you’re unfamiliar with Indiefeed, here’s some info from the website:

IndieFeed is a community-oriented micro-media broadcast network that delivers fresh, independent content to an intelligent audience that wants cutting-edge and relevant entertainment. Unlike mass-oriented broadcast companies, IndieFeed delivers niche-targeted, single-serving shows optimized for mobile use, helping to provide more choice and control in the busy, on-the-go lifestyle.


Our mission is to provide the best of today's spoken word poetry to an audience that otherwise might never get a chance to hear it, and give these poets a chance to make a living with their work. We understand it's all about exposure, and we're here to make sure you, the performance poet, can get your work in front of thousands of eager fans.

So, when I checked my e-mail and read Mongo’s message, here’s what it said:

Hey Christian!

I've finally had a chance to review the two tracks you sent, and I want to thank you for your interest in sharing your work with the IndieFeed audience. "Passage" is a hugely powerful work, about a subject that few poets have been willing to tackle. Both your writing and your delivery are top-notch, and I'd be very honored if you'd allow us to share this track with our audience.

It goes without saying, but it’s a tremendous honor for me. They decided to run with Passage, which is going to be really interesting for me to have that be my introductory piece to a number of Indiefeed’s listeners. When the feature comes through, I’ll gladly post it up on here and on every other site that I frequent.

Well folks, that’s all I got right now. I have to make a small setlist and rehearse for Wide Open Floor, which, I believe, is still on for this Friday night at Barking Legs. If you in or around town, come out.