Monday, May 16, 2011

One More Thing about Last Week

So, last week I was on WPLZ with David Karnes, and it was big fun. We talked about the Camp house, MANIFEST biz, and the origin of poetry slams. I also had the opportunity to perform a poem while we were on the air. I chose She, which is a poem from my chapbook Ghosts & Echoes.

The interview and the performance went over well. When we went to break and were wrapping up my segment, David seemed very surprised. He confessed that he had never heard anyone read or recite poetry before and expressed some interest in having me back and doing two segments.

I have had two very good experiences with the people from WPLZ. As a matter of fact, the Brewer Broadcasting family has been very supportive of me and my affairs. To say the very least, I sincerely appreciate it. Hopefully, I’ll be back on WPLZ or Power 94 before too long.

Also, shout out to my dear friend Tolan who snapped the above picture. It was taken yesterday at the Bessie Smith tribue. We were kicking out the jams on Chain of Fools.


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