Thursday, February 16, 2012


Greetings! Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian has been battling illness for the past two months (literally), and I decided to lay low for a few days and specifically focus on trying to get myself back to being somewhat well. I’ll be good for the reading THIS SATURDAY at Winder Binder… or, at least, well enough to be there and take you lovely people through some of the poems from Ghosts & Echoes.

I’m very pleased to say that MANIFEST: The Beautiful Nights Poetry Show went well. It was a cold night in Chattanooga, so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people come through the door.

I was also pleased to the see poets get down. I said before that we would showcase some of the city’s most unique and dynamic voices, and after seeing each one on the stage again, I definitely stick by that statement.

I, personally, had the honor of unveiling a special somethin’ somethin’. I’ve been rehearsing for the past few weeks with a violinist named Sarah Smith, who happens to play with The Molly Maguires. We performed live for the first time last Saturday night. I’m hoping to get some tracks of the performance off the board to share with you. Having Sarah up there with me really added a new dimension to the work, and I’m really anxious to see what everyone thinks of the presentation.

You know, a lot has been developing lately. I’ve had the opportunity to solidify some more gigs and readings, as well as a number of other interesting activities. Stay on the lookout for everything that will be shaking out over the course of the next few months (yes, MONTHS). I’ll be making some announcements here in the near future.

Oh, and for the month of March, MANIFEST will actually be taking a break. No worries, kids, we’ll be back in April with AT LEAST two different performances. As for why we’re taking the first break in MANIFEST history, The Camp House would’ve had to move us to the third Saturday of the month, which just so happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. Rather than compete with every place serving beer and liquor in town, I decided to spend March solidifying April and May’s events, and focusing on my own activities.

Well gang, that’s all I’ve got for you right now. Bring yourselves to Winder Binder on Saturday. We’ll be jumping the book reading off at 2. It’s a good (and free) opportunity to get to know Marcus and me away from the cats that some of you have seen on the stage. We’re both looking forward to the chance to grab some face time, and, hopefully, hock our wears.


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