Monday, October 17, 2011

I LOVE October

What a weekend! I feel like I’ve been on a hot streak with saying that. On Friday night, we had MANIFEST. The slam was interesting because we didn’t have many of the usual cast of characters. No Marcus, no Jayce, etc.

Our winner for the night ended up being Mr. Ray Zimmerman. He’d JUST got back to town from doing a reading in Nashville. How’s that for fate?

I broke out the MANICAM for the occasion (as I did for most of the weekend, actually), and I’m very pleased with what I managed to capture. I was just testing the waters this time, so I can only imagine what I’m going to be able to get in the near future.

Next month, we’ll be doing the birthday show for MANIFEST: Year One. This time last year, I was promoting, promoting, promoting, and trying to cement everything. It’s hard to think that we’re rapidly closing in on being in the game a full year.

I shot the press release out earlier today. It reads as follows:

On November 11th, MANIFEST, a monthly arts showcase hosted and organized by Christian J. Collier with the purpose of highlighting predominantly local artists, will be celebrating its first anniversary at The Camp House (1427 Williams St.). To commemorate the occasion, there will be performances by some of Chattanooga’s most dynamic poets including Marcus Ellsworth, Britni Bridgeforth, Jayce Stock, and Christian Collier. DJ Flannel Boy, who has shared the stage with a number of phenomenal live acts including Machine Are People Too and is one of Chattanooga’s most eclectic and skilled djs , will be opening and closing the show with a unique mixture of dubstep, breakbeat, electro, and other genres.

General admission for MANIFEST: Year One is $8. Doors open at 8 PM. For more information on MANIFEST, Christian J. Collier can be reached at

I’m very excited about being able to kick out the jams with my comrades. Also, I’m excited about celebrating with the peeps that come out. After all, you fine folks have largely helped make MANIFEST what it is and has been. So, if you want to hear some dope poems, shake your tail feathers a bit, drink a little bit of wine and snack on some birthday cake, bring yourselves out! You and yours are invited. Peep the videos on here for an indication of what you can expect on 11/11/11.

Last Saturday, I went to New Voices in St. Elmo. I set the MANICAM up and managed to get some great stuff by The Undoctored Originals. Great guys, and phenomenal musicians.

Prior to stepping out though, I really wanted to have something specifically geared for the band’s sound. I set to work writing a new poem, and, fortunately, I got enough of one to go break it out live. I need to polish the piece a bit more, but I’m pretty satisfied with where the poem is right now.

If you’ve been following the blog (thanks, by the way), then you know that I’ve been campaigning for the Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga’s Artist of the Year Award. If you’ve voted for me (thanks, by the way), I really appreciate it. If you haven’t voted and would like to, you can go
to do so. You can list my e-mail address as on the form.

Lastly, I’ve got an interview this Saturday for Around & About. It’s going to air right before MANIFEST: Year One, so hopefully, it will help to bring a few more bodies through the door. Before all that takes place though, I’m going to make a setlist for the 11th and for my next Decatur, GA excursion to perform at Kavarna on November 5th. I try to stay active.


Oh, and this is what you should be listening to!

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