Monday, April 11, 2011


Here are some eerily accurate horoscopes that I just caught up on.

Thursday, Apr 7th, 2011 -- Your emotions are out of whack now and you aren't sure how to get them back to where they belong. You may be feeling very spiritual and want to connect with your friends, but you aren't receiving positive responses to your overtures. You prefer a warmer reaction and without encouragement, you cannot keep expressing yourself in such a vulnerable way. Nevertheless, remember that it's not about how you are loved; it's about how you love that really matters.

Saturday, Apr 9th, 2011 -- You have been pulled out of your natural habitat today, yet are able to quickly adapt by remembering a time when you were more comfortable. Later in the day, the tides shift, inspiring you to rediscover your misplaced connections with those around you. Unfortunately, things might not be as easy as you wish. Acknowledge where reality falls short of your expectations in such a way that relieves everyone else of being responsible for your happiness.

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