Friday, August 27, 2010

The Speakeasy

I am very pleased to say that I host/organize/promote/etc. my own open-mic. It’s called The Speakeasy, and it’s been in existence for over a year now, which is a blessing unto itself.

I am also very pleased to announce that we’ve moved to a new location. This past Monday, we made our debut at The Office (901 Carter St.). The turnout was great, especially when you consider that we’ve been off for a month. The energy was incredible, the staff members were cool, etc. I think we’re going to make a good fit, especially once the rust shakes off and we hit our stride.

You know, I’m a pretty private person, so I’m going to divulge just a little bit here. Last year around this time, I had a lot weighing down on me in my personal life. For a span of months, The Speakeasy was the highlight of my week, my refuge, and my source of inspiration. I, honestly, funneled all of my energy into it, and I sincerely feel that it played a vital role in saving my life.

It is very moving, given all of that, to see what Speakeasy has become, and to witness the opportunities that have come along, and the passions of those who attend. If you are in or around Chattanooga on a Monday night, I strongly encourage you to come pay us a visit. We’re always open for more members of the family.


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  1. Thanks for hosting such a great event and helping make it what it is to local artists.
    -Demolition Dolly