Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Night & the City: Upcoming Gig & PLANS!

Hey Folks,

First off, I’d like to invite everyone who comes across this to come out to the Market St. Tavern this Saturday. Mr. Butch Ross, Mr. Kevin Klein, and I will be playing in an event called Loopstock. Each of us will be showcasing songs using loop stations. It’ll be a lot of fun, and it’s something that I’m really looking forward to.

I’m very happy that N&TC boasts my good friend Travis Kilgore on bass live. I enjoy playing the material solo, too, and it’s because there’s a different relationship to the songs. When Travis and I are playing, we feed off each other musically. When I’m playing the songs by myself, the dynamic changes, and it’s more about my mood. It certainly keeps things fresh for me, and, hopefully, for people who’ve seen N&TC more than once.

As an aside, I have four songs that I’m interested in recording for a demo. Once I get that knocked out, I’d like to work on fleshing out some things production-wise and then concentrate on new material. I’d like to incorporate vocals on future songs, and the beats will, most likely, be more elaborate (along the lines of the stuff I’ve produced in the past under the Wetworks guise). Also, don’t be surprised if there are synths and other knickknacks that appear.

Well folks, that’s about it for me right now. Hope to see you Saturday. Stay in the loop!

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