Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guess Who’s Back


I know I’ve been absent from these parts for a while, but I’ve been working a good bit. The day only has so many hours, and the body only possesses so much energy, right? Let’s jump in and I’ll tell you what’s been brewing on my end of the equation.

I just got back from performing in Nashville. I’ve been there a good bit this year, and each time I have the opportunity to rock out, it’s big fun. I leave feeling happy and that this is genuinely what I’m meant to be doing.


I had a moment last night where I realized just how beautiful this year has been personally and professionally. I feel that I’ve stepped into my own in a new way in both my personal and artistic life (as if there’s really a difference), and it feels amazing. I have a number of exciting opportunities and potential opportunities in the fire right now, and I sincerely feel that I’m close to something… good. lol. I know that sounds vague, and it is for the time being. Hopefully, before long I’ll have something more concrete to take you through. Fingers crossed, brothers and sisters.


I’ve been on a good stretch of performances, and I have some others coming up. I’ll be at the following spots over the next month and more:

  • Wide Open Floor at Barking Legs Theater – July 4th
  • Charles and Myrtle’s Coffee Shop – July 11th
  • The Chattanooga Billiards Club’s Tropicana Room – August 1st

I look forward to adding onto these dates, so if you’re interested in booking me and having me rock out for you and yours, reach out to me and we can put something together. Plus, I pride myself on being a sociable guy.


Well, that’s all from me for right now. I’ll be in touch before too long. In the meantime, be good, and feel free to check out my record and other biz at the links below. Ciao.

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