Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good Times

Greetings Ladies & Gents,

I’m late with this, but welcome to June! It’s been a busy month, but a good one thus far. Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian cannot complain! Let me tell you a little bit about what’s been going down.

The good people from RAW made a wonderful video of yours truly. When I performed in Atlanta on April 20th, we did a little interview before the show started. That was captured as well as a performance of my poem How We Celebrate, which includes a display of my incredible beatboxing abilities (j/k). You can check it out below!

Switching gears, for many moons now, I’ve been alluding to my EP and having something that you fine folks can sink your teeth into from it. Well, I uploaded one of the songs to Soundcloud on Monday, and the response has been fantastic. I had a conversation with a woman today about it who really connected with it, and it was interesting to have that dialogue.

The song is called Night Watch, and it features the lovely and uber-talented Rachel Kelly from the band As Isaac (they have a new record out that you should be checking out!!!) on background vocals. When I heard the final mix of the song, EXACTLY how I initially intended it to sound, honestly, I wept. I produced the song, as well as wrote and performed the poem on it, but Rachel’s voice really makes the piece whole. She truly blessed me and my record.

You good people can check the song out here, and if you enjoy it and/or connect with it, please share it. Also, know that the rest of my record will be available SOON! Check it out!

Well gang, that’s about all I’ve got to report right now. Stay up, and I’ll be blogging again before too long.


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