Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rhyme-N-Chatt @ UTC

On Thursday the 18th, a few members of Rhyme-N-Chatt and I had the opportunity to perform at UTC for a jazz and poetry event. We had a great time and got some initial video taken.

College performances are always interesting to me. You kind of get a sense of what the students find relevant, how they're expressing themselves, etc. For the performing poets, for (I'd venture to say) a good number of the audience members, we're serving as some of the first poets they've seen in a live context. So, on both sides of the equation, it's almost like beginning a conversation. It takes a little bit of loosening up before you hit on the commonalities and let your hair down.

Fortunately for us, that happened. We got a good response, we got to unveil two of our newest members (Brandi Alexander and Mary Wier), and we had either 5 or 6 people fill out applications in order to become members. You really can't beat that.

We'll be back at UTC on the 30th of this month in another program, so we'll see how that venture goes. It would be a tremendous blessing to be able to sustain the momentum we've created. Time will tell.


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