Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Speakeasy: Daniel Gill

Anyone who knows me knows just how much The Speakeasy means to me. I host it every week, throw in writing prompts, and come up with different things to keep the spirits up and the creative element high. We've been blessed to have several artists do visual art for us. One such artist is Daniel Gill.

Daniel has a website at http://www.figuredrawing.net/ and I encourage everyone to check his stuff out. He's amazing. He wrote this on his website yesterday.

Speakeasy is an open mic improv hosted by Christian Collier at the Mudpie in Chattanooga. Christian asked me to be the artist guest last evening so I took my Nupastels and tore up some Stonehenge paper and sketched four of the performers. I sold two and have these left of Brandi and Jodi. Charles Niznik Clendenin supplied me with coffee and company and Thompson Galetovic made us some fantastic Nutella Crepes. Yum!

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