Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bloggin’ it Up


I’m late in saying this, but I’m very thankful for those who came out to the last MANIFEST. The creative energy was absolutely beautiful and inspiring. We had Shane Morrow, Azusa Dance, and Rebecca Love bless us with song, and I got to make an executive call and FORCE a young poet to hit the stage to further find his voice.

Also, Mary Wier read a poem that paid homage to my piece Love’s Theme. Man, I was TOUCHED. I decided to run through the poem to close the night, and, on a whim, told the origin story behind it. It was unintentionally hilarious, and allowed Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian the chance to dig himself into a pretty sizeable hole. I was fully committed to the task of getting out of it though (which …only made things worse).

Anyway, it had to have been THE most fun performance of the poem to date. It was a definite highlight, not just of the night for me, but for my year.

I also had the chance to jump on the list for Wide Open Floor at Barking Legs last weekend. I performed Worlds and then pulled Shane and Rebecca up to pay tribute to Brother Heavy-D. You can check the video out below. The lovely Megan Hollenbeck did a phenomenal job on it, so she gets props to the nth from yours truly.

Switching gears, I’m counting the days until the “PressPausePlay” premiere. I’m really excited about the experience as well as the opportunity to bring something like this to fruition. New year, new memories, new energy, new activities!

There’s been a lot going on in my life over the course of the past few months. I definitely haven’t been as efficient as I’ve been accustomed to due to recovering from being sick, healing up from some injuries, etc. Despite that, things keep moving, so if it takes me a while to post on here or respond to anything, know that it’s not personal. I’m still getting where I need to be, it’s just taking a little longer than usual.

Let’s see. In other news, I’ve been writing again when I can. As you know (if you’ve been eyeing the blog), I’ve also been making music. I’ve actually been making A LOT of music. I’ve been taking my time with getting everything situated in terms of preparation and other bits of biz before I can let you fine folks hear the material. The handful of people who have been able to check out a few things have really enjoyed the tunes, which definitely pleases me and makes me more eager to unleash these sounds upon the world! Patience is a virtue though, dear friends. So, stay tuned!!!

Lastly, I’ve really come to realize how fortunate I have been this year despite a number of obstacles. I am very much still here and happy, brothers and sisters. I’m elated to say that I’ve emancipated myself from some toxic situations and people, I’ve opened myself up and stepped more into my own, and I’m really thankful for it all. I look forward to seeing how the last few months of 2012 shake out, too. The learning experience will continue. Oh, the suspense!


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