Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ch-ch-checking In


I’ve been slacking on my blogging, but I have been on the busy side. Plus, last weekend after the Function show, I got drugged by a bartender, but who wants to hear that story? Honestly, WHO?!


Anyway, things have been pretty good for the most part as of late. The show with Function was AMAZING. It was really fascinating to see how they work and how much really goes into their process. I knew during rehearsal that we were going to do something that was great, but whenever you’re in the actual moment of execution, things just tend to take on a broader light, and that definitely happened on the 26th, dear brothers and sisters.

Towards the end of our show, I debuted my brand new poem. The music came down a little bit, I looked out in to the audience, and everything was rolling. At least, until, I got lost in the piece. A musician once told me that with any new piece, he has to screw it up in front of people, and then he’s got it down for life, and I can completely relate to that. I was really fortunate in this instance because I didn’t stumble over anything, and I’ve been doing this here biz long enough to know to just jump to the next part that you can remember. So, I worked the heart of the poem out of order (which, in itself, was an interesting feat), and it dawned on me as I was doing it that I had the benefit of NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD being familiar with how the poem was supposed to go, so I was the only one in on what was taking place. Mua ha ha!!!


Interestingly enough, I received the biggest response from that piece, which was very humbling. Once we finished the show, a woman told me that she cried during it, and a man said that he’d lost his mother in the 90’s and he dedicated my words to her. IMMENSELY touching.


This week, I’m gearing up for my feature performance at Nashville’s Poetry in the Brew. I had the chance to check it out earlier in the year, and I’m really excited about being able to return. My setlist has been made, my accommodations have been taken care of, and I feel pretty set for the most part. Yours truly is ready to g-o get it!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now. Be good, love your mamas, and don’t be strangers. Don’t do it!!!


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  1. People responding to your art -- laughing, crying, expressing gratitude -- is always more fulfilling than anything else, even awards or money or fame.