Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Goings On

Ladies and gents, we are now in the month of August (I’m sure you’ve noticed by now though). July really seemed to fly by, but it was a pretty pleasant time for the most part in my life (and, hopefully, in yours as well). Let’s talk shop!

I’m dangerously close to having the last few things squared away for the EP. If everything goes according to plan, Between Beauty & Bedlam will be available by the end of this month! I’m so excited to be this close to the finish line. I’ll finally be able to stop telling people about the record and can transition to letting them hear it for themselves. Soon!

I’ve been cooking up new music lately, too. This time of the year tends to be when I kick out the jams on the production front, so if I do decide to pursue making a full-length album, I should have some pretty interesting material to work with (literally). I’ve also wanted to shop more beats around, so I’ve got a wealth of stuff to circulate.

Switching gears, on August 16th, I’ll be making my performing return to Dalton, GA. I’ve performed in Dalton on a few occasions before, and it’s always made for an interesting affair. I’ll be rocking out alongside some uber-talented artists, so if you’re in or around the area, feel free to bring yourselves out to Dalton’s Creative Arts Guild. I believe we’re running from 7 to 11.

As always, music has been playing an integral role in my life. Here’s a list of some artists you should check out if you’re not familiar with their work:

  1. Nosaj Thing
  2. Free the Robots
  3. Ta-Ku
  4. Teebs
  5. Mono/Poly
Well, that’s about all I’ve got for right now. Be on the lookout for news regarding my EP’s release and the performances that’ll be accompanying it. Also, my Spoken Word Rockstar shirts have been selling well. If you’d like to purchase one, or even a few, contact me or just place your order in my Products section, and I’ve got you covered. Until next time, be good, boys and girls.


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