Saturday, August 17, 2013

One Week


This past weekend was such an experience. I had the opportunity to be around family (some of which I hadn’t seen in years) and just being in an environment where everyone was happy and reflective truly touched me. It was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the moment and the people I’ve loved most of my life.


I wrote on here before about the passing of my friend Cynthia. On Sunday, a tribute was held for her and her family, and I was asked to perform. I was out of town all weekend, and ended up getting back pretty much just in time to jump on the microphone, so there wasn’t much prep time. In fact, I was fighting an asthma attack when I arrived.

Last Friday night, the thought hit me to try to perform my Nina Simone piece for the occasion. When I performed at The Hunter in July, Nikki Ellis, who is an amazing singer collaborated with me on the poem, so I asked her if she was interested and available to do it at the event. Fortunately, she said yes.

It was really heavy to be inside the room and seeing so many people grieving. Before we took the stage, I heard a number of testimonials of how Cynthia had impacted people’s lives. I was both touched and really happy to hear that.

Eventually, our time came and I still couldn’t breathe very well. However, when we started the piece, everything came together.

I truly felt honored to have been able to celebrate Cynthia’s spirit. Also, I’m happy that so many people came out to show their love and support. I honestly believe that she was in that hall with us, and I hope that we made her happy.

Switching gears, last night, I performed with some phenomenal poets in Dalton, GA. It was SUCH big fun. In a way, it kind of was like a poetic family reunion. Most of the acts were people I’ve known and performed with for at least four years.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now, brothers and sisters. Be good, stay dry, and I’ll be in touch before too long!


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