Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Well, gang, the world didn’t end last week and we’re just coming out of Christmas. Hopefully, you had a good one. Even if you didn’t celebrate, I hope that you had a good day with people that you love… or, at the very least, could tolerate.

Last week was SUCH an emotional week. It happened unexpectedly so, too. Last Wednesday, I had a conversation with someone who had repeatedly wronged me on a personal level after over a year without speaking. I always imagined the first words coming out of my mouth being REALLY intense, but that didn’t happen. I had the chance to efficiently speak my peace, however, and I really surprised myself by telling this individual that despite all of the negativity, the blame, the deception, etc. that they were the root of, I still find it in myself to love them as a person. I DEFINITELY didn’t expect to say that, and that statement really kind of tripped me out for a few days. Your Friendly Neighborhood Xtian had a Zen moment.

The very next day, I jumped in the mobile office aka my car, and set out on a mini-tour. I got invited to feature at the M.A.D. Studios open-mic in Augusta, GA, so I made the trek down. I saw such gorgeous skies while I was en route. It was kind of like the world was opening up to me (I’m getting far too new agey here).

In any case, when I arrived in Augusta, I had an amazing time. I love being in creative settings, and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to see the participants perform. I was in complete sponge mode.

When my time came to perform, everyone was UBER nice. I had a blast, which was great because I was JUST emerging out of being really sick. I managed to get my energy back the day before, and my voice was still very much a work in progress.

After I jumped off the mic and the night ended, I really enjoyed meeting everyone. If you’ve known me for any length of time or followed this blog at all, you know that that connection is something that I adore immensely. I had the chance to meet some phenomenally nice and talented people, and that was big fun for me. I also managed to completely sell out of Ghosts & Echoes (HOORAY!), so I’ll have to crank some more books out in the near future.

The next day, I performed a home show for a couple in Roswell, GA. Home shows are still very new to me, but I really appreciate the intimacy of the gigs. Roswell is really becoming a favorite place for me in Georgia. Last year, I took part in an incredible poetry slam there, and, now, having the chance to infiltrate some homes and do my thing feels great.

Switching gears, the next MANIFEST will be on January 12th at The Camp House. I’ll be shooting out more info about that in the near future. I figured we would ring in 2013 Speakeasy style, so come on out and do what you do!

Lastly, I’ll be breaking down my 2012 personal highlights and top albums soon. Stay tuned, and I’m completely ready to argue music with you (j/k)! In the meantime, stay warm, stay safe, and, like Pony Boy, stay GOLD!!!

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