Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wrapping Up the Weekend

What a weekend it’s been! I’ve been grinding out my poem for the Collaborations Atlanta show that takes place THIS Saturday night! The piece is about breaking, so I’ve been in full Hip-Hop mode for the past few weeks. I’ve been consuming all things four elements, and it’s really been refreshing. I’ve also come across some outstanding quotes and documentary footage on breaking that have really resonated and inspired me.

In addition to banging out the piece, I’ve really enjoyed the serenity of the past few days. Yesterday, I took part in a book signing event that Mr. Ray Zimmerman (aka Ray-Z) put together. I got rid of a few copies of Ghosts & Echoes (which is always cool), gave away some MANIFEST t-shirts, and just really got to connect with a few people.

An author by the name of Jennifer Crutchfield sat next to me, and we had a blast. Our personalities are very similar, so we laughed, shared some stories, and just had a great time. It was really cool to have been there.

Today, I had lunch with an old friend who recently moved back to town. We ate, and I had the opportunity to show her a few things that have changed on Frazier Ave. since she’d been away. A stop by Winder Binder was made, and she purchased a copy of the chapbook.

We sat in the park for a little bit and I read some of the pieces from the book there in the heat with children running to and fro. As fate would have it, a passing couple ended up liking what I was doing, and made their way up to the bookstore to purchase the book as well. How does it get any better than that?

I’m truly honored by the continued support that I’ve had… particularly recently. As I’ve been working to shift my energy towards more positive people and opportunities, it seems like everything else has been opening up to welcome me. It’s been an amazing and humbling feeling. I’m really thankful. Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian has definitely been enjoying this current stretch of the transformation process.

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