Monday, May 28, 2012

Killer Mike!!!


I’ve written on here before (and elsewhere) about Killer Mike. Mike has an interesting story, and it’s really been personally inspiring to me. He first broke when he came up under Outkast. His first album went gold largely due to the impact of his single A.D.I.D.A.S. featuring Big Boi. From there, things took an unexpected turn.

Mike recorded an album called Ghetto Extraordinary, but it was never released. His label at the time shelved it, even though a single had gone to radio and was getting spins. Eventually, things soured with the label and after a brief stint with Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon record label, Mike went his own way.

Since then, he’s founded his own company, and has really been cementing his brand. I’m here to tell you that he’s been doing his thing very well. Mike is a great emcee, but what really inspires me about him is his brilliance. He is compelling, deep, open, and mature in his interviews, and I love getting that sense of depth.

I had a moment when I was recently in Atlanta and watching several interviews online where I just realized how similar our approaches are. Mike said that he is a fan of Hip-Hop culture first and foremost. I am a fan first of my endeavors (both within the culture and outside it) as well. We are both students of our crafts and their histories.

Mike recently released R.A.P. Music, his latest album. It’s produced by El-P, the former head of Def Jux. It’s a phenomenal album. I’m encouraging all of you to go out and actually BUY it. If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop and just dope music, you’ll enjoy it. I’ll never lead you wrong.

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