Tuesday, March 27, 2012



It's been an interesting few weeks for me. I, like many of you, have been paying close attention to the developments around the Trayvon Martin situation. Recently, there have been different things that have shaken out in an attempt to muddy Trayvon's character, but it doesn't remove the facts of what happened and that they, by all accounts, appear to be tremendously wrong.

Last week, I was talking with my mother about it, and I told her that I could have been Trayvon if different situations in my life turned out differently. For instance, I graduated from college on May 6, 2006. Later that night, I had a police officer draw his gun on me in the middle of the street in Ybor City for supposedly running a stop sign. Had he been more on edge or nervous, a number of lives would've been forever changed.

I've been learning a lot about appreciating the moment in life and realizing just how fast everything that we've come to know and build our lives and beliefs around can change. Although I never met Trayvon, I am saddened by his death for a number of reasons. His life was taken from him, literally. His parents had their son taken from them. The man who shot him unknowingly took the remainder of the life he anticipated having as well.

I hope that this situation will serve as an eye-opener for those of you who are reading these words. Often, we get comfortable in the routines of our lives and we tend to forget or acknowledge that there are many different things happening in our neighborhoods, cities, states, etc. that stand in direct contrast to our ideals. Young people are dying. Tragedies are happening every day. Please be aware, and please appreciate each moment you have with those you love and cherish before it's too late. 

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