Sunday, March 18, 2012

Recent Horoscopes

Saturday, Mar 17th, 2012 -- You may choose to disconnect from your emotional roots today because you don't want others to perceive you as being needy. You can outwardly demonstrate an apparent aloofness so no one will suspect that you're really feeling quite vulnerable. However, your strategy might backfire by increasing your sense of isolation. Be courageous; opening your heart to someone you trust helps to resolve your dilemma.

Sunday, Mar 18th, 2012 -- Your thoughts are all over the map today and you could work yourself into a state of anxiety if you cannot settle down enough to pick one path. You may feel as if you're wired for sound, and with all channels open, you're tempted to play several songs all at once. Instead of making yourself crazy trying to focus on one data stream at a time, just enjoy listening to the complex mix. Although it might not make sense now, you should be able to untangle all the information next week.

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