Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank You, Dahlonega!

Hey, everyone. On Thursday night I drove to Dahlonega with my good friend Marcus Ellsworth to perform. It was an absolute adventure and it gave the two of us stories upon stories that not too many people would believe.

The drive, in itself, was a quest. Driving through mountains, lengthy stretches of road and darkness, and the most rural of locales made a two-hour trip feel more like eight. There were several times where Marcus and I felt like characters in a horror film.

We saw so many fascinating things. I’d have to say that THE most exciting one was when we passed a guy who was driving a tractor. On the front of the tractor was a block of hay, but lounging on top of the hay was a dog (no jive). A live dog… surfing on hay. It was fantastic!

When we finally arrived in Dahlonega, I was really surprised by how beautiful the little part we occupied was. It was close to the college and VERY well-illuminated. Honestly, it reminded me of The Majestic, the Jim Carrey film (check out the picture above and see if YOU agree).

Anyway, we found the venue and got settled upstairs… while receiving some pretty interesting looks (it happens more than you know). We managed to get seats next to a really nice woman and were treated to some grand stories and poems.

Marcus and I closed the night, and we had a good showing. We both got down and received great receptions. It was extraordinarily affirming. I love the feeling that comes from being able to transcend race, age, etc. and just connect. Friends, that happened on Thursday.
Dahlonega treated us incredibly well, and we will definitely be back at some point in the future. Thanks, Dahlonega! You’ve already given me my first highlight for 2012.

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