Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the Cusp

Brothers and sisters, we are on the cusp of September, which has all the makings of a phenomenal month. I’ve got some great opportunities lined up, two DOPE MANIFEST events, etc. Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian is excited.

I’ve had two great meetings at Create Here in regards to MANIFEST Presents. I had the chance to officially meet Mason Franklin and Kevin Bate yesterday, and their energy is so genuine and amazing. The 10th is going to be so much fun. We’re up to five artists now. There are a lot of things going down that day and night, but if you’re around the downtown area, feel free to stop by, get something to eat, drink, and check out the art and entertainment we’ll have, even for a little bit. We’ll have both beer and wine, so you’ve got options.

I’ll be on 95.3 WPLZ on September 8th @ 4:15 to talk about MANIFEST Weekend. It’s going to be great to cover our two stellar artists for the showcase on the 9th as well as the festivities on the 10th. I’m really looking forward to jumping on the airwaves again.

Aside from MANIFEST biz, I’ve recently had a piece of fiction accepted for publication. It will actually be published on Halloween, which is personally exciting.

Also, the other day, I uploaded a live version of my poem Mr. Hayward onto my Soundcloud page. It’s a response to a comment that former BP CEO Tony Hayward said. You can check it out below. Let me know what you lovely guys and girls think.

Christian J. Collier - Mr. Hayward by Christian J. Collier

Well folks, that’s all I’ve got for now. Until the next time, you can catch me out and about putting up fliers and such as well as spreading the general MANIFEST gospel. Vaya con Dios!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Talkin' Shop 3

Greetings, everybody. I sincerely hope that everyone who comes across this had a good weekend.

If you weren’t at MANIFEST this past Friday, you missed out. DJ Flannel Boy was GOING OFF! That man dropped bombs his entire set and had everybody in the building on their feet and dancing. It truly was a sight.

The Hearts in Light did their thing as well. I always enjoy seeing what they bring to the stage live, and I felt very fortunate to have them play for a crowd that, for the most part, had never seen them before.

I’ve already posted on here about September’s MANIFEST events (check the previous blog entry), but I want to personally invite you (yes, all of you) to the FREE EVENT on the 10th. Obviously, it’s the day after the showcase, which is going to be phenomenal, but it’s also a very casual thing. Even if you can’t stay fthe whole time, at least pop by if you’re in the area, say hi, and get a drink or some food.

I’ve also said on here before that I’ll be performing in Atlanta on September 16th for a friend’s birthday show. I’ve already mapped out a little setlist, and I’m really looking forward to it. I know the energy’s going to be through the roof.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Come on out and compete at Camp House this Thursday for the open-mic challenge. Sign-ups start at 7:30 and it’s $3 to enter if you’re an artist, $5 if you just want to hang out and get entertained.

Also, here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

MANIFEST’s Back-to-Back Weekend

For the second time this year, Christian J. Collier’s MANIFEST arts showcase will host two separate events in September. The showcase’s eleventh installment on September 9th will feature singer-songwriters Amber Fults and Nashville’s own Sabrina for Art & Soul 2.

Amber Fults, who performed in the last Art & Soul, is one of Chattanooga’s strongest singer-songwriters. In addition to being a skilled writer, she possesses one of the most powerful and dynamic voices. Last September, she released her Center of My Heart, her debut album, and has performed in some of the Southeast’s top venues and festivals.

Sabrina, or Just Sabrina as she is sometimes billed, hails from Nashville. She recently completed The No Divas Tour, and her music has been compared to the likes of Tracy Chapman and India.Arie. In addition to being a soulful vocalist, Sabrina is also a very skilled and unique guitarist.

General admission for MANIFEST: Art & Soul 2 is $8. Doors open at 8 PM and the show will get underway at 9.

On September 10th, there will be a special MANIFEST Presents event from 6:30 to 9 PM at Create Here (55 E Main Street, Suite 105). It is free and open to the public and will feature visual art and performances by local artists. For further information, Christian J. Collier can be reached at

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Talkin’ Shop 2

What’s good, everybody? August has been a very good month for me so far, and September looks like it’s going to be kind as well.

I received confirmation a few days ago that I’ll be having a little somethin’ somethin’ published in the next few months. It’s always a good feeling. Oh, and it’s a piece of fiction that has been accepted. Hopefully by now, people know that I write and read more than just poetry. And if you don’t know, know you know, baby ba-by!

This is MANIFEST week. I always look forward to MANIFEST, and I’m honored to be able to put my energies behind it and have it so well received.

Next month, as I’ve mentioned on here before, we’ll have two MANIFEST events. The next showcase will be Art & Soul 2. After the success of the first Art & Soul, I received a lot of e-mails asking when the next one would be, as well as where people could hear Ms. Amber Fults again. I decided to ask Amber if she’d be game to do it again, and she accepted… without me having to twist her arm!

During the month of June, I had the opportunity to host the open-mic challenge for Noah Collins. While I was hosting one night, I came across Sabrina, who blew everyone away. I got my sleuth on, tracked her down, and asked her if she’d be interested in doing A&S2. She also accepted!

So, both these incredibly skilled women will be playing on September 9th at the Camp House. If you love music, you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss out.

Also, on September 10th (the very next day), we’ll be doing a free collaboration with Create Here. For a long time, I’ve wanted to have a visual art event, and I recognized this as the perfect opportunity to do so. We’ll have drinks, a taco bar, four phenomenal visual artists, and a few performances… for FREE! Bring yourselves. We’ll be running from 6:30 – 9.

Lately, I’ve been asked to fill in for Brother Noah Collins as host of the Thursday open-mics at Camp House again. This time, for the next few months. I had a lot of fun doing it in June, so I’m looking forward to giving it another go. Come on out and perform sometime. You could stand to win some extra scratch if you do, folks.

Well, I’m out. Do yourselves a favor and check out these albums!

1. Minus the Bear – Omni
2. Death Row’s Greatest Hits
3. Radiohead – King of Limbs

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. I’m ready for next week’s MANIFEST with DJ Flannel Boy and The Hearts in Light. Just a quick reminder that we’ll be accepting donations for the Children’s Advocacy Center as well, so any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

September is looking quite promising, too. We’ll be doing two MANIFEST events. Once again, we’ll be doing TWO MANIFEST EVENTS! I’ll get into more detail about them next week, but they’ll be full of quality, dopeness, and F-U-N. I guarantee it.

In addition to MANIFEST, I’ve been invited to perform in Atlanta on September 16th for a friend’s birthday show. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and if you’re interested in the where, feel free to hit me up.

Well gang, I’m out. Be good, and do yourself a favor and peep these albums.

1. A Tribe Called Quest – The Anthology
2. Donny Hathaway – A Donny Hathaway Collection

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August: Talkin' Shop!

On Thursday night, Brother Marcus Ellsworth and I linked up with Kyle and Stacey of The Hearts in Light (who are playing MANIFEST on the 19th of this month) to record some vocals for an audio project. I know that people are going to love what we’re in the process of banging out. I cannot wait to sink in and really flesh everything out in the near future. Mr. Christian aka Bishop Bacardi aka Mr. 19th Hole is EXCITED!

I am officially SOLD OUT of 3x and 2x MANIFEST shirts. I’ve got everything else running from Small to XL in stock though… for now. Mua ha ha! Get yourself one and look sexy for the summer.

I’m proud to announce that I’ve got MANIFEST booked through October right now. It pleases me immensely. I’m plotting on something grand for our 1-year birthday in November. How crazy is it that we’re almost in our younger toddler stage?

I posted earlier that I’m writing a poem a day for the month. So far, I haven’t composed anything uber amazing, but I can always go back and edit and tweak the material down the line.

Well kids, I’m off. Be good, have fun, and be happy!

Monday, August 1, 2011


August, we meet again. August usually is an interesting month for me. I’m anticipating that holding true this year, but we’ll have to see what happens, right? That, my friends, is the fun of the game.

I had a photo shoot last week, and that was a really fun experience for me. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to link up again with Susie Lovins and Jayce Stock for the continuation. If the weather holds up, I’m very excited about what we can manage to snap.

Back in 2009, I wrote a poem a day (sometimes two) for the month of August. I think it will be a worthwhile project to give another go. If you’re reading this, feel free to join me. I think it would be dope to have some company. If this is going on your to-do list, definitely let me know.

When I started actively blogging a few years ago, I always posted music that I was listening to. I’ve departed form that a bit, but what better time to change than now? With that said, here are some favorites from this year:

1. Pharoahe Monch – W.A.R.
2. Elzhi – Elmatic
3. Saul Williams – Volcanic Sunlight
4. Charles Bradley – No Time for Dreaming
5. Adele - 21