Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Path with a Heart

We did the MANIFEST and CreativeUnderground show on Friday, and it was amazing for a number of reasons. Over the past week, I’ve been going through an immensely personal time. I’ve slept even less than I normally do (which is a feat), eaten less, and have just been going through the motions of trying to stay on my feet and moving.

Shane and TheCreativeUnderground put on a Holiday performance, but it was far from the typical Holiday standards. The songs were rooted in Gospel, soul, and jazz, and the entire show had a heart. It was truly what I needed to encounter in my life. I’m very honored to have Shane as not only a mentor, but a dear friend. He has helped me over the past year more than he may ever know.

Several months ago, I wrote about changing different aspects of my life. I feel as if I’ve largely been successful in what I’ve set out to do, and I’ve been pleased with the changes that have come thus far. In lieu of my current personal situation, I’ve decided to invest more energy into being a part of events and organizations that have hearts. By that, I mean that I really feel it’s essential for me to immerse myself in things where I stand to learn not only about myself and what kind of man I hope to build myself into, but about compassion, forgiveness, love, and the world immediately around me and at large.

As a result of this goal, I’ll be performing in The Southeast Tennessee Council for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention’s event called Getting to Zero: A Midwinter Night of Music, Poetry, and Candles on December 20th. It takes place at The Camp House at 5:30. When I was initially asked to be a part of the program, I wasn’t sure if I would feel up to it. I haven’t been in a very centered place and so much of that is essential in just being able to breathe life and authenticity to the piecesa and the stage. However, I realized that this was a golden opportunity for me to be touched and to take a different angle and just allow myself to be open. If you’re out and about on Tuesday, consider yourself welcome to come through.

Well friends, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m not going anywhere. I encourage you fine folks to dig in and keep living and striving to make your lives better. Also, shoot me a line and let me know how you’re currently loving and celebrating yourselves. I can use some new ones to throw into the repertoire.


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