Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks & Beyond


I hope everybody had an enjoyable Bird Day. I e-mailed the people on the MANIFEST mailing list early on Thursday to wish them all an enjoyable day. I actually received a response from someone that said, “Please unsubscribe me from this list.” Ah, Holiday cheer. It’s all good though. Growing up Black in this region of the USA, my feelings are a little bit harder to bruise.

Anyway, November’s almost finished. December’s going to be a lot of fun for Team MANIFEST and me. At my last ATL performance, I got hipped to a spot in Dahlonega, so there might be a field trip in the near future to see what it’s about. Also, I’m gearing up for the Winder Binder reading on Dec. 4th. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading as of late, and I’ve devoted a good bit of the past few days to checking out the works of some of the authors who will also be reading, and they’re great. It’s going to be big fun, and I’m really looking forward to it.

December 9th, however, is the next MANIFEST. It’s the last one of the year, and there aren’t enough positive things that I can say about it. In addition to having phenomenal talents grace the stage, we're accepting toy donations for underprivileged children. Help us support a great cause. I GUARANTEE that you will be immensely entertained by Mr. Shane Morrow’s TheCreativeUnderground (don’t be surprised if assorted members of Team MANIFEST get down as well). If you’re feeling festive or just love what we do, please bring yourselves out on the 9th and get down with us.

Well gang, keep writing, keep living life, and keep in touch.


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