Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October on the Horizon

Hey, gang. Man, it’s hard to believe that September will be ending on Friday. It’s been a VERY fulfilling month for me, and, actually, the next few months will be pretty action-packed as well.

I’ve been really inspired for the majority of the month, so I’ve been trying to follow where it’s been leading. As a result, I’ve been writing a good bit, so don’t be surprised if you hear or read something new from the likes of Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian. Also, I’ve been asked to design some fliers for a few peeps in town as of late, which is really crazy considering that I only started doing them last October on my birthday.

Switching gears, the next MANIFEST is October 14th. It will be our third slam of the year, and the past two have been phenomenal. I’m certain that this one will continue the streak. November will mark MANIFEST’s first birthday! I’ve got some grand things planned, brothers and sisters. For starters, can you say cake?

I recently purchased an HD camcorder and a tripod. I look forward to putting it to use for MANIFEST and other gigs. I’ve decided to dub it the MANICAM. You can expect videos in the very near future… and I guarantee that they’ll look GRAND!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Be good to each other, keep supporting the arts (and the artists, for the matter), and enjoy what’s left of September.

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