Friday, July 8, 2011


This has been a pretty active week, but in a great way. On Wednesday night, we had the second anniversary party for The Speakeasy. If you’re unfamiliar with what The Speakeasy is, it began as a poetry/spoken word open-mic that I started in June of 2009. I’ve had the opportunity to help bring a diverse crop of writers and performers together over the years, and we have all grown pretty close.

We got together to bowl and to just have fun. The way that our schedules are these days, we lack the chance to regularly link up and enjoy one another’s company. For more that two years now, I have referred to the people who have supported, attended, and performed at The Speakeasy as a family, and after watching everyone at the lanes, I really feel that it’s apt. The whole thing made me feel proud.

Yesterday, I went on 95.3 with David Karnes for the second time. This time, I brought Marcus Ellsworth, who won the last slam we did, and Brandi Alexander, with me. We all got to perform on the air and I gave a little background on what MANIFEST is and some of what people can expect at tonight’s slam. It was a lot of fun and it’s great to have the media that we have in Chattanooga taking an interest in artistic affairs. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to go back on in the near future.

See you fine folks TONIGHT! I’m administering FREE HUGS if you step out the house. FREE HUGS, baby!

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