Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MANIFEST: Congratulations, Amber Fults!

So, MANIFEST: Art & Soul is this Friday night (BE THERE!). Recently, things have been shaping up in a grand way. Shane Morrow put on two successful events at The Bessie Smith and has been instrumental in helping to give their programming a shot in the arm. Last week, Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian was featured on the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel. This past Monday night, Amber Fults went down to Eddie's Attic, which is regarded as one of the best and most notable listening rooms in the Southeast and won the singer/songwriter shootout. That happens to be an honor that Mr. John Mayer accomplished, too, folks. Needless to say, Team MANIFEST is very happy for Amber. I, for one, am very anxious to get her onstage in front of a crowd that might not be familiar with her work and see her do her thing. Mua ha ha!

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