Sunday, December 19, 2010

Strange Bedfellows Wrap-Up & MANIFEST III Info

Strange Bedfellows last night was great! I think everyone had a lot of fun, and Mr. Mark Holder and I got the green light to do it again. Right now, we’re eyeing either January 22nd or the 29th. Of course, when we get it ironed out, the info will be out there with a vengeance.

By the way, I want to showcase some of the pictures that my friend Tolan snapped last night. He’s been doing his thing behind the lens as of late.

Aside from all the fun we had last night, I’m looking forward to MANIFEST III. Our featured musical act this time around will be The Undoctored Originals, who are an incredible improve jazz band. I’ll post some of their youtube videos below so that you can check them out. We’re also going to feature live art by some local visual artists, so it’s definitely something unique to check out.

MANIFEST III is going to be taking place on January 14th. Mark your calendars! I’ll announce the featured organization we’ll be raising donations for by the end of this week. I certainly hope to catch you lovely boys and girls out at the Camp House on that date.

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