Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mainx24 Aftermath

So, yesterday marked my very first Mainx24 in Chattanooga. I am very pleased to say that I had an amazing time. It was very inspiring to see so much going on artistically in the city, and to actually be a part of it. All in all, I ended up performing three sets at different spots downtown before finally calling it a night.

I had the pleasure of doing a 15-minute set at Create Here, and it was big fun. When I came in, Blues Hammer were finishing up. I set myself up on the microphone on the other side of the room and kind of eyed the audience. I knew it was going to be a situation where most of the people wouldn’t know what to expect from me, but I always dig the challenge that that presents.

At 2:15, I got introduced, and I went into my set. I was very pleased with the crowd response (and my promptness. I ended right at 2:30, so I covered my time with a vengeance!). After I jumped off the mic, I met some very nice and interesting individuals, including a discotherapist.

Later on, we did the MANIFEST performance portion of the Camp House schedule, and Hara Paper, Amber Fults, and Sourne Korvid with DJ Spyarms killed it. Every single one of them showed why I hand-picked them to play.

Once again, the crowd response was great. I think people genuinely had a good time. I put the word out about MANIFEST 2, which takes place next Friday, so hopefully, some of the peeps who attended yesterday will make it out.

Obviously, I’m excluding A LOT of my experience yesterday. If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask me about some of the other things that I witnessed. Until then, friends, I’ll see you at Speakeasy and MANIFEST 2 this week. Vaya con dios.

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