Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Highlights

Here are some of the personal highlights for me from this year:

Highlights of 2010

1. Interview & performance of “Breathless” with Gabriel Newell on Power 94
2. Starting up MANIFEST
3. Having Speakeasy turn 1
4. Being in the paper several times
5. Moving Speakeasy to The Office
6. Performing in (and partying after) the New Reason/New Renaissance Art Show
7. Performing in Rhyme-n-Chatt’s Love Groove
8. Starting Night & the City and performing with Travis Kilgore
9. Playing in Loopstock 2 with Kevin Klein and Butch Ross
10. Interviews and performances on the radio
11. Selling out of Ghosts & Echoes two years in a row
12. Performing at UTC 3 times
13. Live streaming and podcasts of Speakeasy
14. Attending the New Voices poetry reading
15. Playing guitar in the Christian Collier 7 in January
16. Meting a number of new and talented individuals
17. Performing in God’s Trombones (RIP Pastor Strong)
18. Performing in the To Haiti with Love benefit
19. Recording with Kyle MacKillop
20. Recording “Moving On” with Troy Underwood
21. Performing at JJ’s Bohemia
22. Performing with the Rogue Writers
23. Mainx24
24. Creating Strange Bedfellows with Mark Holder

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