Sunday, September 12, 2010

Worlds - Live Debut

I recently came across something yesterday. In 2008, I had foot surgery and was immobile for pretty much the duration of September. However, I spent that time composing what turned out to be my poem Worlds.

On October 3, I had the opportunity to perform it live for the first time. No one had seen the text, or heard the content. It was an interesting debut, because taken those things into account, it was also the first time I'd put a shoe over the foot I had operated on. Nerves were still growing back, I kept losing feeling, etc.
Fortunately, everything worked out fine.

So, I managed to find the live recording from that night. It really took me back to that night. I remember the backing band, the crowd reaction (which is pretty priceless), et al. I did find it funny that the opening is censored, but I think it kind of adds to it.

Without any further ado, you can check out the poem here:

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