Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Give 5: The Wrap-Up

I sincerely want to thank everyone who attended Give 5 on Sunday. So often, the term "artistic community" gets thrown around, but honestly, Chattanooga showed that there truly is a devoted creative network here that is willing to lend tend, energy, talent, etc. for a good cause.

It truly was a tremendous honor not only to be a participant and performer, but also to assist in coordinating and organizing. The work was very tiring, but far more rewarding. I, personally, would do it all again in an instant, and ideally, we'll be be able to initiate more benefits in the future.

Gandhi once said that we must become the changes in which we want to bring to fruition in our communities and cultures. By putting on functions like Give and championing positive changes, I think that it is very possible to facilitate legitimately great elements into both our lives and the lives of those around us.

In my set, I had everyone in the audience put a hand in the air and repeat the mantra "I am somebody." The purpose was to get everyone to realize that regardless of economics, class, gender, background, or whatever the case may be, each and every single one of us is capable in some capacity of doing something to mold our societies.

My challenge to everyone who reads these words is to commit yourselves to doing something to benefit another person. Perhaps you'd like to assist in a battered women's shelter or volunteer at a community kitchen. Regardless, whatever the case may be, I strongly encourage everyone to both get active and get involved. Let's be lights in each other's lives.


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