Saturday, October 24, 2009


Greetings everyone,

Last night's Rhyme-N-Chatt show went very well. I was very proud to see some of the poets from the Speakeasy in attendance, as well as on the microphone. They definitely made me happy.

I performed my poem Eros, and I've been performing it around town in preparation for last night's show. I don't have any recordings or video yet, but we'll see what the future holds. What I do have is the actual text, so if you're curious to see what I said, you can check it out below.



I ride the dawn bare-backed
across the pinking horizon
to douse the slow burn of her desire.

I fall upon her fog-like
eliciting deep orgasms that scatter
the mists of her spirit.

They say it isn't very becoming
of a woman to be cumming in this fashion
but I want her to feel free
to feel free
feel... me
plowing the moist confines of her
with the dedication & consistency
of twilight.

She opens her throat
& proceeds to completely envelope me
in melody.
Her moans serve as tiny offerings
unto the ministry of me
& she
satisfies me when her rosewood eyes
widen & find mine,
& she holds her breath
temporarily muting the music.

The rhythms we pound into the wall & bed
are incantations with which we make love,
the ancient drums of lust,
the sounds of living flesh aching to
be & to feel so much more.

We braid hips together,
finely fuse crotch to crotch...
welding passions.

This I do because
too often women are chastised
for simply hungering for the touch
of another.
I hear the heart-songs of their longing
clearly wading though the fabric of the night,
& I answer in body form.

See, the body wants what it wants
& has a way of shouting its needs
into action:
Lips grow tired of their own soft embrace,
chests crave a lover's heft.
I serve the healthy instincts of these souls,
& allow them to sweat off the shame
placed upon them by judgment.

I am liberation
to those who aren't even aware
that they are crying out for release.

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