Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Afterglow

Happy Halloween!

As I sit here, waiting for the kiddies to come and get candy, I just came across a poem I wrote in August for someone very dear to me. It's called (you guessed it) The Afterglow. This poem's also been submitted to a literary contest, so we'll see if it can help bring in some prize money. For the time being, here it is.


The Afterglow

& the afterglow
has set upon us dustlike,
illuminating the red roots of your hair
& cascading beautifully behind your
bulged shoulder blades.
The darkness hides your eyes from me.
The air conditioner reawakens & hums
as its breath reaches up through the floor vents
& finds our bodies.
We have toiled for this shared bliss.
Sweat spills down my cheek & chest
& slowly, my heavy breathing softens --
returning to its normal state.
These are the soft moments
reserved solely for lovers & apparitions,
the moments when the world seems to still
& you become something more than human,
something more than simple flesh,
something so valuable that the very night itself
blooms & watches over you.

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  1. A Gem, as always! When was this one written???