Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Poem

Hey Folks,

Everyone who has seen the painting that Ms. Kristen Rogers did for our collaboration has loved it. They haven't really been able to make out all of the text, so I figured I'd make things a little bit easier for those who were interested. We only ended up using the first portion of it, so that's what I'll throw on here.


Outside my window
the night sky holds a strange hue,
a strong blend of yellow & orange,
& a large dark tree towers
over the stretch of earth
as if on patrol, its army of branches
at the ready.
The beauty at work just beyond
this hospital room is almost enough
to make me forget the medications
& the depression that collapses
upon me like the weight of a falling tsunami
when I do not take them.
It is almost enough to make me forget
that I am stranded here,
living broken in a sea of glittering shards
& unaware of how long it will take
to piece each fiber together anew.
Almost, simply, is not enough
to distance myself from all the dead
who have been laid to rest within my skull
& how they are resting comfortably,
their flesh eating away at itself
& returning to the bitter soil of my mind.

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